Sonia Jaffe

Working Papers

Price-Linked Subsidies and Health Insurance Markups [with Mark Shepard] (2017). ▸ Abstract

How Facebook Can Deepen our Understanding of Behavior in Strategic Settings: Evidence from a Million Rock-Paper-Scissors Games [with Dimitrios Batzilis, Steven Levitt, John A. List, and Jeff Picel] (2017). ▸ Abstract

How Does Technological Change Affect Quality-Adjusted Prices in Health Care? Evidence from Thousands of Innovations [with Kris Hult and Tomas Philipson] (2016). ▸ Abstract

Taxation in Matching Markets [with Scott Duke Kominers] (2014). ▸ Abstract

In Preparation

Matching with Limited Choice Sets [with Simon Weber ] (2016).

When is Equilibrium Agglomeration Efficient? [with Scott Duke Kominers and Stephen Morris] (2016). ▸ Abstract

Cost-saving Technology for Public Good Provision: Strategic Investment Incentives, (2013). ▸ Abstract

A Segregation Metric for a World with Peer Effects, (2013). ▸ Abstract

Published Work


To Groupon or Not to Groupon: The Profitability of Deep Discounts [with Benjamin Edelman and Scott Duke Kominers], Forthcoming Marketing Letters. 27(39) (2016) (preprint) ▸ Abstract

The First Order Approach to Merger Analysis [with E. Glen Weyl], American Economics Journal: Microeconomics 5(4) (2013). (preprint) ▸ Abstract

Discrete Choice Cannot Generate Demand that is Additively Separable in Own Price [with Scott Duke Kominers], Economics Letters 116(1) (2012). (preprint) ▸ Abstract

Price Theory and Merger Guidelines [with E. Glen Weyl], CPI Antitrust Chronicle 3(1) (2011). (preprint)

Linear Demand Systems are Inconsistent with Discrete Choice [with E. Glen Weyl], B. E. Journal of Theoretical Economics 10(1) (Advances) Article 52 (2010). (preprint) ▸ Abstract


Benjamin G. Edelman, Sonia Jaffe, and Scott Duke Kominers. To Groupon or Not To Groupon: New Research on Voucher Profitability. Harvard Business Review [Blog], January 12, 2011.